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Shared Electronic Banking Services Company (Knet) had Joined Annual Celebration.

Shared Electronic Banking Services Company (Knet) has joint annual celebration of the company’s staff and their families The presence of both the President of the Board of Directors Mr. Jassim Safar and Director General Mr. Abdullah Al – Ajmi, in hotel Regency on Thursday, 13 October 2013 At the beginning of the ceremony , welcomed […]

KNET Gold Sponsor Participates in a Ceremony Honoring Athlete’s Disability Challenger

KNET Gold sponsor participates in a ceremony honoring athletes disability Challenger on 18 September 2013 Banking Services Company participated joint mechanism «Knet» at a ceremony honoring heroes athletes disability Challenger in on Wednesday, September 18, 2013, which was under the patronage of Sheikh Sheikh Al-Abdullah Al-Khalifa Al-Sabah, Huda Hall Hotel Royal Suite in the free […]