Celebration of First Position Award for e-Pay Portal and Launch of Modern POS Machines

KNet held lunch party on the occasion of receiving the first position award from Kuwait Foundation for Advancement of Science in the field of E-commerce for its e-pay portal. The chairman of K-Net Mr. Jassim Mohammed Safar delivered a speech on the occasion reviewing the importance of this award and its positive impact on K-net services in general and its electronic portal in particular which would increase the trust of clients of banks and merchants.

Mr. Safar also extended sincere thanks to all parties concerned with this award including his highness Amir of State of Kuwait and the supervisors and arbitrators as well as the external committees. Mr. Safar paid tribute to the great role of Kuwait Foundation for Advancement of Science to make this award successful on the local, regional and world levels.

On the other hand, the company celebrated the launch of some new modern point of sale machines in the Kuwaiti market whereby the types of machines provided by the company to the merchants has become 15 types. The company has launched for the first in Kuwait new touch screen machine as well as another multimedia machine. In addition, the company has introduced the integrated point of sale system which is considered one of the best world systems in this field.

On this occasion, Mr. Safar reviewed K-Net role in the field of provision of a package of electronic services through different e-pay channels to all its clients. Since its inception 21 years ago, K-Net has been committed to activating this role and the fruit of such commitment was to provide the best technical means and employ the state of art systems for serving the banking sector and its clients. He stressed that the point of sale services offered by K-Net receive the great share of such support.

The chairman of K-Net has appreciated banks role through their contribution and participation to realize this achievement in all K-net services in general and in point of sale services in particular.

On his side, the general manager of K-Net Mr. Abdulla Khalid Al Ajmi welcomed the present persons and thanked point of sale and support of merchant teams in banks. Then, he made a brief video presentation about the point of sales service offered by K-Net. Al-Ajmi reviewed the significant phases of the service since its initial introduction for the first time in 1995 and presented the significant achievements made in this service stating that there are about 32 thousand points of sale machines in Kuwait market at the present time including 15 types of machines of which 83% are wireless.

Al Ajmi also pointed out that the company is currently executing about 8 million POS transactions each month estimated at the amount of K.D.540 million. This emphasizes the strong and durable current system applied by the company. Through its technical and operational team, K-Net receives about 21 thousand telephone calls from merchants each month and pays 2600 field visits each month for technical support in addition to 5000 visits for delivery of paper rolls to merchants.

On the other hand, Al-Ajmi reviewed the volume of growth of point of sale service offered by K-Net since 1995 as the company has achieved outstanding growth in terms of volume of amounts and number of transactions carried out through point of sale machines where the number of such transactions in 2012 was more than K.D.5 billion and more than 75 million transactions.

Then, Al-Ajmi reviewed modern machines recently launched into the market which received the approval of all present people. He also presented the company’s future plan in this field including the launch of modern machines compatible with the local market requirements. Al-Ajmi called the present persons to visit the exhibition held for this occasion after appreciation of banks for their contribution to this achievement.