E-legislation National Congress

The visual presentation on the role of e-legislation in building confidence in electronic transactions and the protection of intellectual property and consumer rights, privacy, and organized publishing

Electronic commerce is now an integral part of technology, which aims at facilitating daily trading. What this term boils down to is the process by which transactions are executed through the Internet or electronic methods adopted for this, which make it necessary to have a successful system in place, offset by a legal framework that defines how it works, its scope and conditions.

The e-payment gateway provided by KNET is one of the most prominent in the State of Kuwait featuring an electronic system linking many sectors (government, banking, commercial, etc.), facilitating the work of government and commercial transactions for individuals as well as institutions.

This paper provides an idea on the subject visually displayed, which will be presented by a KNET representative and includes four main areas:

  • Presentation of e-commerce and the methods of electronic payment, in addition to displaying statistics on the growth of e-commerce, globally and locally, reflecting the importance of the transactions and the need to create a legal framework to govern such transactions.
  • Current legislation and regulations on electronic crimes.
  • Organization of the electronic payment system currently in use in Kuwait by the banks, KNET, the Central Bank of Kuwait, other institutions and organizations.
  • The most important factor to be considered in the electronic proposed legislation is the provision for specialists in the field of e-investigation, flexible laws and regulations, and keeping pace with the rapid change in the technology employed in this area.
  • Based on the presentation, recommendations were put forward to help create electronic legislation that will serve all parties related to e-commerce in Kuwait on the one hand, and help eliminate fraud and cybercrime on the other hand.