KNET Gold Sponsor Participates in a Ceremony Honoring Athlete’s Disability Challenger

KNET Gold sponsor participates in a ceremony honoring athletes disability Challenger on 18 September 2013 Banking Services Company participated joint mechanism «Knet» at a ceremony honoring heroes athletes disability Challenger in on Wednesday, September 18, 2013, which was under the patronage of Sheikh Sheikh Al-Abdullah Al-Khalifa Al-Sabah, Huda Hall Hotel Royal Suite in the free zone. He said on this occasion, General Manager Abdullah Al-Ajmi said «Knet» has been able to prove its presence through its participation in pilot projects youth in Kuwait, in addition to the work of many of the programs and visits students from schools and universities within the company and to provide programs identifiable about the company and the services offered by the highlighting its role in the service of the Kuwaiti society.

Mr. Ajmi, to Knet shares and its role in providing a variety of services, which means supporting people with special needs and through the submission of a special ATM machine for the Blind Association, the blind, and an ATM machine to another for people with special needs. The company also demonstrated its participation in numerous exhibitions, conferences, and seminars, local, regional and global.