KNET Open Day Celebration

KNET held an Open Day celebration for the company’s employees and their families at the Fatoh Hall in the Regency Hotel. On commencing the function, KNET CEO Mr. Abdulla Al-Ajmi welcomed the attendees, thanked them for accepting the invitation and expressed his appreciation at their coming together for the event.

Mr. Al-Ajmi spoke on the importance of holding such functions regularly, to promote better affiliation between the staff as well as create the spirit of family and ethical morals, in turn reflecting positively on the work front. He also stressed on the enthusiasm of KNET in holding such events as a stage for commending employees who had provided exemplary service and worked together as a team during the year 2015, thereby lending to the success of the company and its services to the Member Banks and their customers.

The celebration included a buffet dinner and many activities and events such as contests and games, which inspired a homely atmosphere of fun and accord between the employees. In addition, the distribution of many valuable gifts and the diversity present generated a joyful ambiance among all attendees.