Knet’s Participation in The Forum of e-Government

Company participated banking joint mechanism « Knet » in the activities of a forum of e-government : recent trends , security risks , and the challenges of the application on the date of November 11 to 13, 2013 , which was held in the hall of the flag Marriott Courtyard, and so under the patronage of Prime Minister HH Sheikh Jabir Al-Mubarak , which embodies the auspices of his Highness the forum to recognize the political leadership in Kuwait and the highest levels of the importance of the system of e-government in raising the level of services provided by all government agencies , citizens, residents and visitors to Kuwait , as well as the role that the system in walk-in Kuwait on the path to modernity and global, as well as embody the keenness driving on the support of the developers, and the application of the system contribute to the overall development of the Kuwaiti society . As Knapp him at the opening ceremony, Minister of conductors Chairman of the Central Agency for Information Technology Issa Ahmed Al-Kandari. The general manager of Knet Mr. Abdullah Al- Ajmi, a working paper on the role of the company in order to support the Forum in e-government programs and to facilitate electronic payments in the repayment program with providing a case study of the nature of e-government project. Summary – considered e-commerce is an integral part of the system technology, which aims to facilitate financial transactions and daily business , and the most prominent of those transactions in this context, e-government programs offered by various government agencies in the State of Kuwait, of these programs have a direct impact on the dealings of citizens and residents in the state, and thus facilitate the payment of the e-government program necessarily reflect the level of service to these reviewers . The program of electronic payment of government ” pay ” provided by the Ministry of Finance in cooperation with Knet is one of the most prominent features of e-government in the State of Kuwait and the region as a whole , an electronic system linking many of the ministries and government agencies in the State of Kuwait ( Ministry of Finance, the Ministry of the Interior, the Ministry of Health, Ministry of Social Affairs and Labor, and others) in the banking sector through the company Knet in order to facilitate the work of commercial transactions and government at the level of individuals and institutions , and the application of the best means of electronic payment in those ministries and agencies to support the e-government program on the one hand , and to facilitate procedures and transactions reviewers on the other hand .

Are summarized in this paper provide an idea on the topic of visual display, which will be presented by a representative of the company in order to Net, which will include four main areas:

  • Part of a presentation on the draft ”pay” and a brief history of this project.
  • Highlight the most important achievements in the project, which has electronic payment of government of the State of Kuwait “pay” with the introduction of some of the numbers and statistics relating to it.
  • Put the most important projects that have been implemented under the umbrella of the e-government program payment “pay” in addition to future projects that will be launched in order to provide the latest technology in electronic payments of government. Based on the Forum will be presented in this paper will be presented some of the findings and recommendations that would enhance the electronic trading on the e-government programs.