Shared Electronic Banking Services Company (Knet) had Joined Annual Celebration.

Shared Electronic Banking Services Company (Knet) has joint annual celebration of the company’s staff and their families The presence of both the President of the Board of Directors Mr. Jassim Safar and Director General Mr. Abdullah Al – Ajmi, in hotel Regency on Thursday, 13 October 2013 At the beginning of the ceremony , welcomed the Director – General of KNET Abdullah Al -Ajmi attendees and thanked them for accepting the invitation as Expressing sincere thanks and appreciation to all company employees , who have contributed their efforts to improve the performance of the company And raised the level of services, Al-Ajmi pointed out the importance of establishing such a ceremony for employees with families on a regular basis This initiative is the kind of company management is in which you can achieve more coherence between Staff, as well as to create a spirit of family and moral reflected positively on the work. Ajmi also stressed keen Knet in participation of such events on a regular basis as a form of creating opportunities Appropriate for valuing the work of the staff and employees for their work during the year and who is behind the company’s success And superiority in achieving its role in providing the best services to its customers and its member banks.