KNET Board of Directors Elect New Chairman and Vice-Chairman

KNET CEO Mr. Abdulla Al-Ajmi stated that the KNET Board of Directors had elected Mr. Mohammed Al-Othman (NBK representative) as their new Chairman, and Mr. Raed BuKhamseen (KIB representative) was elected Vice-Chairman.

The Members of the Board of Directors congratulated Mr. Mohammed Al-Othman on his new appointment and expressed their good wishes to KNET on his appointment, given Mr. Al-Othman’s broad experience in the field.

Mr. Al-Ajmi thanked the Members for their continuous support which has lent to the quality and popularity of KNET Services. Over the last few years, KNET has witnessed a large growth in the number of ATM and POS transactions, in addition to online payment transactions as well as the electronic payment service ‘Tasdeed’.