KNET General Assembly 2013

The Chairman of the Board of Directors of banking joint mechanism « Knet » Jassim Safar that the company characterized in the financial year 2013 with many achievements and successes and continuously during the year, and as we know previously during the twenty years since committed Knet to adopt a clear policy and a well-established derives its strength and durability through the development of a specific strategy designed primarily to provide the service to member banks at the best ways and means , in addition to striving to provide the latest and the latest modern technology in this area . The development, which was adopted by Knet during her career, reflected on the outstanding performance and significantly from year to year, as demonstrated by the increasing growth in the company’s results for the financial year 2013. It has Knet during the fiscal year ended October 31, 2013 to transfer and implementation of more than 145 million operations on the network a total value of 10.7 billion Kuwaiti dinars through channels of various electronic devices POS, ATM, payment gateway electronic, Internet and other terms the average monthly operations during the period referred to more than 12 million operation. The increasing growth in the service of selling points for the company Knet emphasizes the strength and efficiency of the service in the local market, as the number of POS terminals scattered throughout the State of Kuwait to nearly 33,500 devices was installed approximately 4300 devices, including through the fiscal year 2013. which reflected positively on the size of the special operations of this service where the Knet implementation of nearly 88 million operation point of sale during the period referred to a value of up to 5.6 billion Kuwaiti dinars and the share of campaign debit cards (Knet) in Kuwait, 88% of the size of those operations, while the remaining 12% represent credit cards and others, bringing the total number of cards used in Kuwait approximately 3.5 million card.

Knet has adopted a clear policy in the proliferation and development in the Kuwaiti market until it became channels and cards that are accepted known as ” Knet” for it was created by a special logo to reflect this deployment is a ” Knet … Everywhere you .” Among the most prominent features of spreading your company, Knet is the proliferation of ATM machines in all public places from government agencies, markets, shopping malls, hospitals, gas stations, and others. This year has been remarkable in terms of all electronic channels for the company Knet locally and internationally, At the local level, we have thankfully honor receipt of Kuwait Prize for the Advancement of Science by His Highness the Amir may God protect him and that achieving the first position in the field of e-commerce portal Knet own company, and this was a significant impact on achieving more success and growth in this portal Where it was in the fiscal year 2013 conversion and implementation of nearly 7.7 million electronic payment processes through the web portal a total value of KD 287 million, an increase of 42% from the previous year. At the international level, the company ranked Knet list of the top 150 networks, adding to the level of the world according to a report number 1029 Nelson and ranked second regionally. With regard to service electronic payment of government your service ” reimbursement ” has set us apart in this year to expand the base of services to include a larger number of ministries and government agencies , where it became electronic services provided to more than 24 government agency in the fiscal year 2013, where the number of electronic payments governmental process about one million worth KD 158 million, including 276 thousand transactions through the Internet has a growth rate of 60% from the previous period . It also marked the financial year 2013 to provide additional services to government agencies was highlighted by service stamps e-government in collaboration with the Ministry of Finance, where the project was launched on a trial basis through the four key ministries are the Ministry of Finance , Ministry of Interior , the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Social Affairs and Labor , and after that has experience successfully been working on the project circulated in all ministries of the State, where it was during the period referred to the application of the project on the 17 ministries and governmental organizations.