New Board of Directors

Mr. Abdullah Khaled Al-Ajmi, General Manager of K-Net stated that the board of directors of the Shared Electronic Banking Services Company (K-Net) has elected Dr. Waleed Essa Al-Hasawi, representative of Boubyan Bank as its new Chairman. They have also elected Mrs. Eman Abdul Aziz Ali, representative of Gulf Bank as Vice Chairperson. The members of the board of directors expressed their wishes for the success of Dr. Al Hasawi and for K-Net to achieve further progress and prosperity in view of the broad experience of Dr. Al-Hasawi in this field. Mr. Ajmi thanked members of the board of directors for their continuous support which have had a great effect on the quality and popularity of K-Net services. It is worth mentioning that K-Net has witnessed over the last few years a large increase in the number of ATMs and transactions as well as the wide use of POS and online payment transactions in addition to the electronic payment services of the government “Tasdeed”.