KNET Gold Sponsor Participates in a Ceremony Honoring Athlete’s Disability Challenger

KNET Gold sponsor participates in a ceremony honoring athletes disability Challenger on 18 September 2013 Banking Services Company participated joint mechanism «Knet» at a ceremony honoring heroes athletes disability Challenger in on Wednesday, September 18, 2013, which was under the patronage of Sheikh Sheikh Al-Abdullah Al-Khalifa Al-Sabah, Huda Hall Hotel Royal Suite in the free […]

Celebration of First Position Award for e-Pay Portal and Launch of Modern POS Machines

KNet held lunch party on the occasion of receiving the first position award from Kuwait Foundation for Advancement of Science in the field of E-commerce for its e-pay portal. The chairman of K-Net Mr. Jassim Mohammed Safar delivered a speech on the occasion reviewing the importance of this award and its positive impact on K-net […]

E-legislation National Congress

The visual presentation on the role of e-legislation in building confidence in electronic transactions and the protection of intellectual property and consumer rights, privacy, and organized publishing Electronic commerce is now an integral part of technology, which aims at facilitating daily trading. What this term boils down to is the process by which transactions are […]